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draw and divert attention - 35mm

revisited some older photographs for a new site sequence.film is not fine wine&#8230;

revisited some older photographs for a new site sequence.
film is not fine wine…

specifics of special announcement still on hold, but a project that has been coming together over the past year is finally being released next month — it will have nothing to do with the above shrub crater, but such is a good metaphor for it.. phorit.. euphoric.

i am dried water droplet dust gathered.
auxiliary umbilical cord,
color scheme for infant development.

to quote a blind al pacino on an airplane - 35mm

packing on frown pounds - 35mm + composite

cred now - 35mm + composite

automation error 6/7 - 35mm

flags of our stepfathers - 35mm

anagram theory: carat riots, aortic tars, a racist rot - 35mm + composite